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1. brand

For each business that I work with - big or small, old or new - I work with them to either establish or confirm a secure brand identity. This work manifests as conversations that get to the heart of the company's personality.

brand audits
full brand suites
brand refresh
content creation

2. launch

Business soar and fizzle by their approach to the basics. I work with them to establish a functional, intuitive and convicting web presence. In addition to full website services, I also offer web updates and refreshes to reinforce brand identity and messaging.

branded graphics / signage
google my business set-up
google analytics set-up

3. marketing

Content in context is king. There is nothing more powerful than content that is actively sought after. After securing brand identity and establishing the basics, brands born to stand out seek powerful and persuasive content that is connected and authentic.

paid ads

is your business ready to stand out?

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case study: six branch custom woodworking




final brand suite

Let's build a brand.

Six Branch owners and I worked together to discuss the foundation of the company, its values and their hope for its future. We talked about the company's inner aspirations and what the owners hoped their legacy would be. We spent time together, learning about the "whole" that was produced by each of the people that stand behind the Six Branch name.

We landed on guiding words such as bespoke, craftsmanship, loyalty, and commitment. From there, Six Branch was presented with initial concepts and we continued working together until we achieved a brand that we felt was true, all-encompassing and lasting.

initial brand concepts

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branded video production

Your first handshake with the world.

With a fully developed brand suite and brand guidelines, we began working together on a website that would not only keep functionality and lead generation top of mind, but also highlight Six Branch's unmatched artistry within their craft. We produced evergreen video pieces, as well as branded imagery to fully furnish their new web presence.

Once complete, we made sure their entire business, from inside to out, was ready to launch. This included preparing all of their print products, email signatures, signage, branded clothing - and more technical stuff, such as their Google My Business and Google Analytics dashboard.

branded imagery

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custom website

email signatures

Content (in context) is king.

Wanting to not only launch their new brand, but also maintain their digital presence, Six Branch opted for Content Production and Social Management Packages. With these two services in place, they are also in the perfect position to utilize paid ads to attract new customers and establish brand recognition in their area. Their continued brand maintenance, content generation, and digital presence is truly worry-free, and, having completed the entire Brand + Launch process together, Six Branch has peace of mind knowing their Digital Marketing will remain engaging, on-brand, and purpose-driven. 

social media management

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multimedia production

kelle walters, loan officer

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