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After finalizing your purchase, you should see an email within a few minutes containing your downloads. The following steps should be completed on your phone:

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Open the email and click on the download link.

Select how to open the download. I personally use Safari.

Click to download.

If you have already downloaded the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app, there is a chance you will see this.

This is a shortcut. Select it if it pops up.

If you do not see it, simply click "More..." or whichever saving option it allows.

If you selected "More..." you will need to make sure the photo gets saved and that you know where it is saved. Click "Save Image." The default location on the iPhone is your Photo Album.

If you were able to use the shortcut, this is where you will end up.

If you didn't, you will need to add the photo to your Lightroom App by selecting the "Add Photo" in the bottom right corner.

Once you click on the photo, you will see this. Click the dot icon on the top right.

Click "Create Preset"

Name the preset.

ie organic, cool, summertime, or b&w

In order to see your preset, you will need to make sure you are in the correct "preset group." You are looking for the group titled "User Presets." If you do not see it, click on the group title to change groups.

Click on User Presets.

Click on the preset to apply it.

Happy editing!

The LRP&D mobile presets are not a one-click solution to editing your iPhone photos. Adjustments in exposure and white balance will be necessary. A free course is included with every purchase to help you master the use of the presets and help you take better iPhone photos. The course will also help you with a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

The LRP&D mobile presets are for mobile photos only. The presets do not function properly with professional DSLR photographs.

Yes! One test edit is allowed per customer. Just DM your iPhone photo to @laurarowephotodesign on Instagram and request a test edit.


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