you set out to change the world and the world ends up changing you

   I really am so happy that you've really taken the time to dig through this little love of mine that I call Laura Rowe Photo and Design.

   In 2009, I started fiddling with a camera and became obsessed with soaking up light and producing timeless images. I love helping people feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves. I love helping them shine in their own skin.


Hello, my friend!

On any given day, you can probably find me wearing some combination of white, black, gray, or navy. I like to think of myself as a Plain Jane.

   I feel inspired by anything clean and bright and I'm sometimes accused of purchasing anything from Home Goods made from white wood or ceramic. 
   Is there a such thing as being a "middle of the day" kinda person? If so, that's me. You'll never find me getting too excited over setting an alarm, and I'm generally that friend that wants to get into bed by 9p.

   Oh, and I might be addicted to Dr. Pepper... which falls right behind my addiction to Iced Caramel Macchiatos.


Hello, my friend!

   I call myself "Columbia-raised," because you're raised wherever you went to high school right? ;) I was, in fact, a Hickman High School Kewpie, but I have also lived in Arkansas, Kansas, and Iowa at other points in my life.

   I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Vocal Performance and really try to sing every chance I get, including in the shower and along with the radio.

   Photography has always been a simple love of mine, and now, as a full-time career, feels like a sudden dream come true.

   I can't wait to learn more about you -


Hello, my friend!


chicago, illinois

august 2nd - 6th

new york, new york

october 1st - 4th


october 25th - 28th

northwest arkansas

november 16th - 18th

NEW ORLEANS, louisiana

dec. 28th - jan 1st

lafayette, louisiana

march 1st - 5th


march 23rd - 28th


june 28th - july 6th